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HOW CAN I GET YOUR EBOOK? Here, you’ll find all the answers to your questions.

Firstly: « Choose your language » English OR French

ATTENTION: The left column of the site is for the English version of the ebook and the right column of the site is for the French version.
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/!\ AUTOMATIC EMAIL ISNT WORKING for now, wait that we send manualy the ebook /!\
The download link is valid for TWO days.
After receiving the email you have two days to download the ebook.

Once this two days elapsed, you’ll no longer able get the ebook from this link, but don’t worry, you still have a way to contact me by email contact (@) and I will send it to you  myself.

Once you have downloaded it…. well I just have one thing to say, Happy reading!

If you have any problems downloading, payment or any other purely technical matters thank you to write to us at the email address: contact (@)
You may receive a response from myself or a person named Julien Lecomte who’s a friend and he’s also the person who is responsible for managing all the technical side.

For your personal issues and for those who want to contact me directly I invite you to contact me via facebook to the following address: / helenemikanovic
Please, don’t hesitate to let me know what you think about my ebook.  it’s always interesting!
So, I wish you an happy reading!
Hélène Mikanović  / @myweightlossfr


Thanks to Julien Lecomte for his patience, his pictures, for creating the site and the establishment of the ebook.
His facebook : Photographe

Thanks to Fatoo  for her contribution to the translation of the English version of the ebook and for her patience and support.
Her instagram : @_mymiweightloss_
Thanks to Ikram, Laura and Sophie for the English translation.

Thanks to my mother, my father, my sisters and my dog ​​Alice who have been my first supporters.
Thanks to my doctor Richard Haddad
And a BIG THANK YOU to you all.